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  3.     跨国采购网  找回密码 | 免费注册 | 登录删除本页

    电话: 86-0595-86365888
    传真: 86-0595-86310177
    姓名: Linda Lin
    Quanzhou Sanxing Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd China

      Quanzhou Sanxing Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd was establish in 1993. Our company have 12engineers ,33 technicians and 500 other employees and occupy a building area of 30,000 square meters . With our staffs' efforts.our annual turnover is over now more than USD20,000,000. Our products are all manufactured according to the GB6246-2001 and GB/T19001-2000 standards. In 2001, we purchased 5 sets of modern spinning equipment, which enable streamlined production processes encompassing spinning, weaving, lining and finished products. At present, our company mainly manufactures in 8 bar, 10 bar, 13 bar ,16 bar, 20bar working pressure and 25mm , 40mm , 50mm , 65mm , 80mm , 100mm , 150mm size Ru...

    主要产品/业务: Fire Sprinkler Fire Coupling Rubber lined fire hose PVC Lined Fire hose PU Fire Hose PP Yarn TPU Fire Hose Color Fire Hose Double Jacket Fire Hose EPDM Lined Fire Hose

    Quanzhou Sanxing Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd China / 福建 / Chenggong Technological and Industrial Zone Nan’an Fujian C (362300 ) / 电话:86-0595-86365888
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